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Chinese Herbal Medicine

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What is it?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a mainly plant based medicine that works in conjunction with acupuncture to treat illness and promote health. Clinical studies have shown that chinese herbs have the ability to increase the effectiveness of modern drugs, reduce drug side effects and even replace drugs completely in certain instances. 


How does it work?

Many times, manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs make their drugs by extracting one active ingredient from a plant. Herbal Medicine instead uses the delicate balance of the whole plant, or mixtures of plants and plant parts to treat patients. There are hundreds of individual herbs used within Chinese Herbal Medicine, each with a different medicinal function. At Zuni, we have the ability to create custom herbal remedies for anxiety and other conditions based on specific symptoms. We believe that there is not one "cure all" formula or herb out there, and by customizing our formulas to each patient, we have been able to achieve outstanding results.

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